Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vestibulectomy- Night 2

It's 4:25am and I'm caught in a bind.

The doctor stressed how important it is to NOT GET CONSTIPATED. Well, I've been taking stool softeners, eating prunes, drinking apple cider, eating high fiber everything, drinking water and you know what, still can't get myself to pass a bowel movement.

I think it's because Percocet is a very constipating drug. Anyway, the problem is that I've got a deal with the devil. I need to take Percocet every three hours, because if not, I am awake in tons of pain. But if I take it, I can't go defecate. And I really want to do that. And I've never understood Asher Yatzar like this before, and all I can think is that if I can't get this to work, I'm gonna have to have an enema and oh my God, I really don't want that.

But I have to take the pain meds because otherwise it starts jackknifing up to a crazy degree, and then I can't handle it, so I take my Percocet after some existential anguish, and then I try gulping down some water and hoping that maybe sometime today I can defecate.

Yeah, I never thought all my prayers would be directed towards a bowel movement, either.

Man, am I not in a happy place right now.


Anonymous said...

not to be dense, but i am: why don't you want an enema?

liza bennett ( yahoo daht com)

Sad Jewish Girl said...

Because my husband is the one who would have to administer it and I'd really prefer he not have to do that for me. I have my pride and all. I mean, if he has to, he has to...I'm just not happy about it.

adena said...

maybe try some Miralax? and instead of an enema, you could use a suppository. you could put that in yourself. (lots of constipation in my family)

Anonymous said...

try senna and colace plus miralax, also mineral oil can work well= good luck !

Anonymous said...

Miralax is bloating. Try milk of magnesia at the higher dose before bedtime until it works, then you can keep at a lower maintenance dosage before bedtime every night you're on meds.

If none of these things work, prescription lactulose is pretty strong and almost instantaneous, with less pressure and discomfort than an enema. Something to think about as a LAST RESORT.

chana said...

Prunes and milk products milk products milkshake and more prunes.

Good luck!