Friday, June 21, 2013

More Pain Meds Situations

In today's news, I've discovered 600 mg of Ibuprofen taken every 4 hours disagrees with me. It's caused me to be extremely nauseous and to vomit twice.

Guess I'm going to try being solely on the Ultram. Maybe that will work for me.

Update: Nausea was actually a delayed reaction to the Ultram. I'm on Ibuprofen now and it's working, for the most part.


Anonymous said...

WOW I hope everything goes well. Hopefully soon you can start to feel completely better and begin having an enjoyable sex life with your husband. Kol hakavod, you have gotten so far, only a bit left to keep going.
Have an amazing Shabbos, I will keep you in my tefilot.

Maypaki said...

I just had a THEOLOGICAL DISCOVERY: God is indeed a MALE. The reasons are:

1.) If God is a female, she would never inflict women with painful intercourse. She would merely inflict them with infertility. Her empathy towards women's feelings will always prevail.

2.) It is known in history that men treat women as property. Therefore, if God inflicts a woman with primary vaginismus, thick hymen or dry vagina, then her vagina is now the property of God. She's meant to control the population.

This proves that God is a male, because for him, there are things more important than empathy towards females. This explains why painful intercourse is MORE COMMON among females than males.
Because God is a MALE and treats some women as his property to control the population.

I am now an enlightened man.

If vaginismus is one of God's test to humanity, then it seems to violate his own commandment (to be fruitful and multiply). God seems to contradict himself. Claiming that it is a test makes God so unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

Lol, G-d is a male? What about erectile dysfunction? What about premature ejaculation? What about pain during intercourse for men, which while uncommon, happens? You talk a big talk, but I don't really think you have actually seen much of the world, Maypaki. If you had, you'd realize that we are currently in the 21st century.
The 1800's called, Maypaki, and they want their opinions back.

Maypaki said...

Painful intercourse is more common among women than men, therefore, God is a male. God control's women's vaginas for population control. Men can have painful intercourse too but it is very rare.

If God is a female, it would have been the other way around.

I am now an enlightened man.