Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More on Vestibulectomy- Day 2

I've discovered I have a choice. If I take Percocet, it cuts through the pain, but it also makes me very drowsy and nauseous. So if I take Percocet, no pain, but also no ability to eat food. Eventually, I fall asleep, but then I wake up when the drug wears off so I am in more pain than before.

If I take Ibuprofen, it does not cut through the pain at all, but it leaves me clear-headed and able to eat.

The obvious thing would be to alternate, but the alternating is very difficult, because even though I know that I'm taking the Ibuprofen in order to eat, I"m still in lots of pain during said eating, so that's not fun.

On the positive side of things, I have an awesome husband, who is helping me with everything, and who I love. Go him.

UPDATE: I called the doc, and he says to take one tablet of Percocet every three hours. We'll see if that works/ helps.


Anonymous said...

There may be other options for pain medication.

Anonymous said...

How much ibuprofen are you taking that it isn't cutting through the pain?

Anonymous said...

Can you get a prescription for Vicadin? My doc told me it's like taking half a Percocet (hey, maybe you can just split a Percocet!). I hated felt good at first, but the heavy blanket of exhaustion was too much.