Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Challah & Vajayjays

So apparently the tests I took at Dr. Goldstein's office came back showing that I had a "light growth of yeast" and thus must be treated for a yeast infection.

I don't know about you, but the very terminology strikes me as funny. When I think of yeast, I think of challah baking. So basically I'm imagining fizzy water and flour somehow getting it on down there. Hey, at least somebody's having fun.

Anyway, apparently there are many causes that can lead to getting yeast infections, ranging from poorly controlled diabetes (scary) to illness, stress and/or eating too many sugary foods (that's something I'm definitely guilty of). I've also heard that sometimes women who bathe in the baths provided at the mikvah (something I do) can get yeast infections that way.

Anyway, the plan is to treat it and then hope it doesn't recur. Vaginas are strange places. I sometimes want to do a Mrs. Frizzle - like trip where I could go on the Magic School Bus and explore mine; maybe then I could become more friendly with it.