Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Drugs!

Doctor has decided that since the Percocet is making me super constipated and unhappy, I get a new drug, so he's called it in to the's called Ultram!

Hopefully this will make things better. In the meantime, I am trying not to strain since everyone says that will pop the stitches, and instead am drinking down cocktails of prune juice and orange juice in the hopes of being able to create a bowel movement.

It's funny that with all my advanced degrees, my one goal in life at this moment is to just have a bowel movement. Well, it's funny but it's not funny.



Anonymous said...

Ultram is good. Hope it works!

Anonymous said...

Having recently gone through something similar (still dealing with it), I totally understand this. Milestones in the hospital are measured (literally!) by what comes out of your body. My advice: Keep up the work on not getting constipated. You might think you've overcome it and let up on the prunes and stuff: don't. Until you're absolutely sure your system is back to normal, keep it up. It's not fun and you have my sympathies!