Sunday, January 1, 2012

Comic Relief

I did a bit of research and discovered there are other blogs out there like mine. This is exciting because I think that maybe I can create a sexual pain support group online (even if I can't seem to find one offline). Here are three that seem promising:

-Living with Vaginismus
-"Down There"
-Buaslbutterfly's blog

The things that I really enjoy about skimming through blogs like these are the comical ways people are talking about their experiences. (If you don't life, you cry, right?) Stuff like "My vajayjay is broken" or "Living with Vaginismus: When a Vagina Rebels" or mantras like "Defeat Sexual Pain!" just make me smile. I kind of have the idea of creating a Livestrong bracelet that says something ridiculous like "FSD (that stands for Female Sexual Dysfunction) FTW (for the win)!" Something to remind me to stay strong and that other people are out there dealing with this and that we can make it funny.

I was thinking how jewlry is so expressive. We have jewlry to say all kinds of things- I love you, I support the fight against Breast Cancer, Live Strong etc- why don't we have jewelry about this? There should be jewelry about sexual pain, supporting those with sexual pain and defeating sexual pain.

It occurs to me maybe I should explain why a support group for people dealing with sexual pain would be useful. Well, partially because then we could all help support each other (the comic relief idea where people make it funny) and also because when the only people who know about this are you and your spouse, it's just really hard. And it's easier to relate to someone else having a hard time alongside you rather than your (amazing) spouse who doesn't actually know what the pain feels like.

I also discovered that there's a memoir someone wrote about living with her (seemingly super severe and much worse than mine) sexual pain. It's called The Camera my Mother Gave Me. I'm planning to read it; we'll see if it's any good.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Another benefit is that when other people find solutions or resources, they can share them with you.

Miriam said...

I was just recommended to this blog by a friend going through similar issues. If you ever do form/find a support group, please let us know, I would certainly appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

A forum is a great idea. I considered posting questions I had in your comments section so that it could be read and answered by you and other commenters, but that is probably not a good way to get a discussion going.