Monday, July 1, 2013

Turned A Corner

I'm happy to say I've turned a corner. Actually, Day 11 is when it happened. Starting on Day 11, I felt a lot better (thought not perfect). Now, almost at the two-week mark, I'm doing really well. I was even able to stay on my feet long enough to make myself some pasta today, which is great.

Hopefully, the recovery continues to go well and the healing process is also going well!


Anonymous said...

yay! so happy to hear that! hope you have a refuah shelaima and keep up the good spirits

Anonymous said...

Wow, I stop checking the blog for a few weeks and look what I miss!!!! :) --YCF

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a God send. My wife and I are going through an almost identical situation. We were married last year, she was a virgin, went to see Dr. Goldstein earlier this year, are preparing for surgery in a few months. I just wanted you to know how appreciated your blog is... reallY. Thank you.