Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Clinical and Torah Perspectives on Intimacy & Fertility

It seems the Orthodox Union and the Puah Institute are going to be addressing fertility and intimacy issues (link). I am pleased to see that they will be discussing dyspareunia (painful intercourse). Anyone who is Jewish and who either has these issues or wants to learn more about them should attend. It is taking place Sunday, April 29th.

I'm not sure if they've done this conference in the past or if this is the first time. Does anyone know?

You can see the flyer and information and pre-register/ sign up here.


Anonymous said...

Would you say this is an accurate portrayal of your religion

scarpetta said...


It's a religious answer to a universal problem like poverty, obesity, whatever.

Sad Jewish Girl, let us know how it is.

Private Pains said...

I only wish the morning sexual dysfunction lecture was open to the public.

I hope to go, and see what the consensus in medical and Jewish community is on the topic

Anonymous said...

About 10 years ago when we were first married we were in the same boat. We ended up going to http://www.womentc.com/ which helped a lot.

It's important to show your husband that you are still trying and haven't given up.

One final thought: I'm not sure if you are using oral contraceptives, but I found sex much easier after I stopped using them. Obviously other means of birth control can be more halakhicly problematic.

Anonymous said...

That's one of the links SJG has on her resource list.

Would you say the problem is resolved now?